xAbout the font Kessel
About the font
As I was designing Kamerik, I was coming up with numerous character variations for some characters. I considered offering these as alternatives within the one font, but decided that I wanted to organise these alternates into a coherent further font, namely Kessel.

It’s become quite popular to offer alternate characters within a font nowadays, but I’m not sure how often they get used, and if there are several variations on characters, they don’t always work well in certain combinations.

I thought I had enough character variations to create two distinctly different variations of Kessel.
Kessel 105 differs from Kamerik in several obvious ways, characters with angled strokes such as the upper case A and lower case v and w, include sharp points at the apex instead of being cut square, and terminals on characters such as C and s are oblique instead of horizontal.

While Kessel 205 has all of the above, along with some Art Deco tendencies, including lowered horizontal cross bars and a crossed capital W.

Kessel 205 Thin
Kessel 205 Light
Kessel 205 Book
Kessel 205 Bold
Kessel 205 Heavy
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Set in capitals
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Set in Oblique/Italic