xAbout the font Kettering
About the font
Influenced perhaps by Herb Lubalin (who isn’t?), and his Lubalin font that serves as the slab-serif cousin of his Avant Garde sans, I created Kettering as a slab-serif variation of my own Kamerik sans.

Lubalin however, has never been my favourite slab-serif, instead I’ve chosen to use Margaret Calvert’s Calvert, or Adrian Frutiger’s Glypha; they both seem to achieve a pleasing combination of geometric and humanist qualities.
That said, Kettering doesn’t really compete with either of these, as it’s essentially a geometric font in the style of Lubalin, as I think there’s room for improvement in the area of a geometric slab-serif. Either way, the competition is stiff, and the prospect of coming up with something comparable is daunting, but you’ve got to try.

Again, I couldn’t resist two variations; 105 I would describe as the standard variation, while 205, like Kessel 205,  has Art Deco tendencies. These include lower crossbars on the capital letters, a crossed W, and a distinctive diagonal crossbar on the lower case e.

Kettering 105 Thin
Kettering 105 Light
Kettering 105 Book
Kettering 105 Bold
Kettering 105 Heavy
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