xAbout the font Kursk
About the font
Kursk was inspired by the luggage label above, from Soviet-era Russia.

Although it probably dates from the 1970’s, it displays traits of Russian design from much earlier in the twentieth century — the lasting legacy of Constructivism.

I like the solidity and geometry of the letterforms in the word ‘Europa’, the more or less equal width of each of the characters; in particular the way the vertical strokes of the A feature shallow inclines, in order to maintain a width that matches the other characters. It feels as if each character has been allocated a square and then designed to fill it, so all the letters appear equal.

This is all very well for six characters, the challlenge in designing a full font along these lines means tackling more stubborn characters.
When considering the lower case characters, in order to maintain the compact look, I’ve used an x-height that is only a little shorter than the cap height, combined with shallow ascenders and descenders. In this way, there is only a subtle shift between capitals and lower case preserving the ‘square’ look.

I’ve ultimately created two variations Kursk 105 and 205, 105 is squarer following the U, R and P above, while 205 features more curves yielding a slightly softer result.replica watches uk

The key to designing a well-balanced font, based on geometry, would Replica Watches seem to lie in knowing when to go with the geometry and when to let it go. Slavishly adhering to the geometry can result in a less elegant typeface.

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