TT2015 homepage new font Kong Script

New font: Kong Script

Could this be a world first? A geometric, monoline script typeface. None of that swirly, vintage script nonsense but a clean, balanced, easy-on-the-eye script. Comes as a family
of four weights, with non-aligning (lower case) numbers and accented characters for Eastern European languages.

TT2015 homepage Kessel 105 Text animated

New font: Kessel 105 Text

A text specific variation of the popular Talbot Type font, Kessel 105. With more traditional proportions — a shallower x-height coupled with taller ascenders and descenders — it retains the clean and legible geometry of Kessel 105, while requiring less space and so is well-suited to continuous text.

TT2015 homepage new font Klamp

New fonts: Klamp 105 and Klamp 205

A streamlined, geometric sans-serif, clean and legible at small sizes. It will fulfil routine tasks with panache, making the ordinary look beautiful. It comes in two styles, with character variations. I'm tempted to get all entrepreneurial in the travel industry, just to see Klamp adorning tickets – I like a good ticket.

TT2017 homepage new font Kittle Round Rough

New fonts: Kittle Round and Kittle Rough

Robust, geometric display faces; surely the friendliest looking typefaces I've designed yet. If Talbot Type was a supermarket, Kittle would make shopping for groceries a pleasure.

TT2015 homepage new font Kitami

New font: Kitami

A minimal, geometric font in three weights. Each character is represented by a single stroke (or two where necessary), for a clean, pared down look.

TT2017 homepage colour on colour posters

Limited edition Talbot Type screen prints

Four different screen prints, 500 x 700mm in editions of 50, showcasing Talbot Type fonts — when they're gone, they're gone (but it will be an excuse to do some more). 
See these and others on the Posters page.

TT Keymer homepage pic

New font: Keymer

This is serious. Talbot Type Keymer is a heavyweight humanist sans serif in seven weights. It’s elegant and timeless and can be put to any task, it’s a bit like concrete — the glue that holds stuff together, often unnoticed yet beautiful when used well.

TT2015 homepage new font Keith

New font: Keith

Keith is a mix and match display font, you can layer the six different styles to achieve an array of looks – have a go, it puts a smile on your face.

TT Karben 105 Stencil homepage pic

New font: Karben 105 Stencil

We're not fans of weapons here at Talbot Type, so this is a sweetie tin. New font Karben 105 Stencil looks good on items such as sweetie tins.

TT2015 homepage new fonts Kaleko 105 Remix and Kessel 105 Remix

New fonts: Kaleko 105 Remix, Kaleko 105 Round Remix and Kessel 105 Remix

People seem to like the Talbot Type geometric sans serif faces, so three of them have been remixed to create more exhuberant display face variations. Use Kaleko 105 Remix
Kaleko 105 Round Remix or Kessel 105 Remix in combination with the regular versions, or however takes your fancy. 

TT Australian Open 908x656px

Novak Djokovic walks all over Talbot Type

The Australian State of Victoria has adopted a customised version of Kessel 105 for its identity, which includes the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne.

TT BBC Earth 908x656px

Talbot Type font used for new BBC channel identity

New channel BBC Earth makes prominent use of Talbot Type Kamerik 105, both on and off-air. You can see more images on the Talbot Type Facebook page

TT2015 homepage 25  off

Get a decent discount

When you spend £100 or more on typefaces, you’ll automatically qualify for a 25% discount at checkout; that’s got to be better than err — not getting a discount.

TT2015 homepage love letters

For the love of letters

The Love Letters section of the site is a gallery of typographic art, featuring Talbot Type fonts.

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