I am Adrian Talbot, a Design Director and partner at London creative agency Intro, where I’ve worked since 1990 and helped to establish the company as a leading creative force, with a diverse and enviable list of clients.

Throughout my time at Intro, and going right back to my college days, I’ve had a passion for all things to do with lettering and typefaces. Several years ago I thought I’d spent long enough looking at — and working with — other people’s fonts to have a go at designing my own. It’s been a steep learning curve, there’s more to it than meets the eye, and the fonts here are the results of my efforts to date. They’ve all been redrawn at least twice as I’ve learned the craft, some of them four times.

I will continue to add new designs in the future, as well as further evolved versions of these faces.

Fonts and typography combine to form one of the central pillars of visual communications, and yet the fundamentals of good lettering and typography are often overlooked in favour of fashionable or flashy graphics.

My fonts are influenced by the classic movements of the twentieth century — Modernism, Constructivism, the Bauhaus and Art Deco — yet I aim to create timeless designs, valid now and in the future. With the odd exception, these aren’t showy faces but practical, hard-working text and display fonts.

Typefaces don’t come to life until they’re put to some use and to that end I enjoy playing with them once I’ve created them, which is where the letter art and stationery come in. You never know, if people see something that amuses them in some way then they might be persuaded to purchase a font; I’ve kept the prices pretty low as an extra incentive.

Finally, (and I hesitate to mention this because people might classify me as a jack-of-all-trades if I claim to do more than one thing to a reasonable standard), but as well as designing fonts and being a graphic designer, I’m also a photographer. Talbot Gallery features my landscape photography and my collective creative efforts are all summarised on my blog —
T3: graphic design, typeface design and photography.


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